Can business thrive in South Africa?

We live in complex political and economic times. Decisions made at political level affect sentiment, not only locally, but internationally. Sentiment in, in turn, affects investors’ willingness to bet on our horse. The downgrade to junk status will see significantly lower levels of foreign investment trickling to our shores. This has the business community and […]

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Entrepreneurs and Dog Walking

Don’t you just love those Saturday afternoons when you have an open social calendar? I know, for most of you that doesn’t happen too often, unless you have kids, in which case you might ask, “What social calendar?” Those afternoons are perfect for napping, or binge-watching series, or veg’ing on the couch doing absolutely nothing […]

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Why you might be in prison.

I recently spent some time in prison. Sadly, I found many of my friends there. Suppose it supports the adage “Mind the company you keep.” We all wear the same orange jumpsuit. It is what the system requires. It destroys our individuality and treats us all the same based on one shared trait, our propensity […]

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